Smart garden: Intelligent watering, mowing and plant care


A private garden as an oasis of well-being. For many a dream that remains unfulfilled – partly because of fear of intensive gardening, partly because of a lack of knowledge in plant care. However, from now on all potential obstacles can be quickly removed by using smart gardening tools. Even people without green thumbs can thus easily realise their garden paradise. We present many inspiring, practical applications for the smart garden at a glance. We also reveal which garden gadgets, robots and sensors for watering, mowing and tending are absolutely hip and not only make the next barbecue unforgettable.

Mowing the lawn in the Smart Garden: Intelligent mowing robots cut the lawn

Whoever is woken up on Saturdays by the noise of the lawn-mowing neighbour wishes him many things, but certainly not a nice weekend. But lawn care is often a time-consuming and very annoying business – unless you have an intelligent mowing robot. It automatically starts mowing at the specified time and also takes care of the garden while its owners are travelling or working. In addition, many mowing robots are significantly quieter than conventional lawnmowers.
Basically, mowing robots are not toys and can destroy flower beds or injure children and pets if used incorrectly. Therefore you should invest at least 800 Euros for a good mowing robot and follow the instructions for use.
For beginners we can recommend, for example, the GARDENA Mowing Robot R70Li, which is easy to program and works almost silently. The only drawback is that the Charging Station is susceptible to moisture, so it is recommended that it should be installed in a rain-protected garden area.

Irrigation via networked sensors: cleverly watering flowers and lawns

With irrigation, appearances are more often deceptive than we think. Presumably dry soil is sometimes very wet under the surface and superficially wet soil is dry underground. Garden sensors, which not only perform the soil analysis, but also directly ensure optimal irrigation if required, provide certainty.
Basically there are two different types of irrigation sensors: On the one hand there are the pure analysis tools, which also include many indoor gadgets for indoor plants. On the other hand, there are intelligent plant sensors that take over water management themselves or control an entire sprinkler system.

A smart home weather station protects the garden from storms

Rain, storm, ice age? Smart weather stations warn when it gets uncomfortable so we can prepare for it in time. Ask by voice command for the current temperature or humidity. In combination with other smart devices in the garden, the weather station will cause the awning or roller blinds to be extended and all electrical devices in the garden to be switched off in the event of rain or a gathering storm.

Intelligent garden lighting for a perfect ambience

In the evening it becomes really cosy in the garden. Especially when the lighting in your favourite colour creates an atmospheric ambience. No earthworks or extensive building work are necessary, often a few portable lamps or LightStrips are enough to set brilliant accents.

Smart home surveillance for outdoors: More security for house and garden

In addition to automated lighting, motion detectors and a surveillance camera increase the protection against burglary around the house and garden. They register not only thieves but also other uninvited guests and immediately create evidence images. In most cases, these are even automatically stored in the cloud, so that even a destroyed camera does not contribute to obstruction of justice.